UnitedLayer is an enterprise-grade Data Center and a Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform company, delivering high-performance, secure, highly available, and scalable data center solutions in a hybrid and multicloud environment. UnitedLayer has more than 18 years of experience serving SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies with data center, managed services, hosted private cloud IaaS, and hybrid cloud management solutions. 

UnitedLayer’s 200 Paul Ave, San Francisco, is an enterprise-grade Tier 3+ data center, with advanced security and extreme connectivity to over 300 carriers, all major public clouds, and major peering platforms. UnitedLayer’s 200 Paul data center is located at the most robust location in the San Francisco Bay Area on bedrock and is at the epicenter of the most technologically advanced companies in the world. 

UnitedLayer’s Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform is a technology platform that converts any data center into a modern hybrid cloud and multicloud data center, with on-demand scalability into private and public cloud resources, on-demand connectivity into carriers, and private and public clouds with UnitedConnectTM, comprehensive remote management capabilities, and DevOps automation, to enable complete remote management of your data center colocation cabinets, hardware infrastructure, and hybrid cloud with a single pane of glass.

UnityOneCloud is a Software as a Service company that provides the most comprehensive enterprise-grade Multicloud Management platform for managing your real hybrid cloud environment, across data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. 

UnityOneCloud manages all your hybrid cloud assets from legacy data centers to modern cloud-native DevOps services offering unified management with a single pane of glass. This includes data center cabinets, power distribution units (PDUs), bare-metal servers, networking devices, virtual machines, containers, service mesh, and serverless, across data centers, private clouds (VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, Oracle VM), and public clouds (AWS, GCP, and Azure).

UnityOneCloud’s Multicloud Management platform is a single pane of glass that provides multicloud observability, monitoring, management, auditing, support, and modern DevOps automation of hybrid cloud environments.

UnityOneCloud enables organizations to solve the complex challenge of managing their disparate real-world hybrid cloud and transforms it into a modern, efficient, lower cost, secure, and compliant hybrid and multicloud environment.

We are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Canada and India. UnityOneCloud is a highly secure SaaS platform serving enterprises across the globe.

UnitedPrivateCloud is an enterprise-grade Software-Defined Private Cloud company. We are one of the world’s experts at building and operating highly available, secure, and scalable private clouds.

UnitedPrivateCloud’s G3 IaaS Private Cloud Platform is its 3rd generation private cloud solution, developed, hardened, and perfected over a period of 12 years, while serving many hundreds of enterprises and governments across the globe. G3 IaaS delivers high performance, 99.999% availability, locked-down security, and software-defined agility and scalability while delivering greater than 30% cost savings versus leading public clouds and greater than 70% cost savings versus other leading private clouds. G3 IaaS comes connected with all the leading public clouds (AWS, Google, Azure), integrated disaster recovery and business continuity, a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade managed services, and a private online marketplace for single-click deployable enterprise applications. 

UnitedPrivateCloud’s G3 IaaS offers private clouds based on VMware, Openstack, Hyper-V, and Oracle VM virtualization technologies and specialized cloud solutions for SAP, Oracle, Kubernetes containers, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Silicon Tapeout. We also deliver a Private Cloud Build as-a-Service (PBaaS), where we build custom private clouds for enterprises, and our Data Center Assessment service, where we map and migrate the enterprise’s legacy data center workloads, and their security and compliance requirements, into modern data centers, private and public clouds. 

UnitedPrivateCloud’s G3 IaaS Private Cloud Platform enables organizations to gain performance advantages, lower costs, rapidly respond to the unpredictable demand, and easily adhere to data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

UnitedPrivateCloud is headquartered in San Francisco and has sales and support offices in the United States, Canada, and India. UnitedPrivateCloud is available in 11 data centers across 5 continents and can also be deployed in any customer data center across the globe.

HybridCloudCon (HCC) is a hybrid community development company that focuses on providing the platform to decision-makers, IT management, and line-of-business end-users to come together on a single platform and share a broad perspective on hybrid cloud ecosystems.

HybridCloudCon (HCC) is the first event company focused on presenting the hybrid cloud challenges and real-world use cases and providing a broad perspective on hybrid cloud ecosystems from the experts of leading cloud companies through streamed keynotes, breakout sessions, and digital “ask the experts” sessions. HCC conducts yearly hybrid cloud conventions to bring together a hybrid cloud community where thought leaders can interact, learn, and connect to industry challenges.

HCC also hosts a curated, personalized, interactive series of digital events where experts from leading cloud companies converse on real-world technology solutions for making Hybrid Cloud a unified, reliable, and high-performance solution for next-generation enterprises.