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Panel: Technology in the New Economy.

At the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on August 19th, 2009

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Andy Rappaport, General Partner, August Capital

Abhijit Phanse, Managing Partner, Accelon Capital


Have the fundamental forces of our new economy changed in a lasting manner? Will we now place a different premium on risk? Will leverage play a different role? How do government and self-imposed regulations impact us?

In the context of the new economy, do technology companies need a new playbook? Can technology companies continue to spend more than a quarter of their revenues on innovation and R&D? Can the market premium for innovation and accelerated time-to-market be sustained? Will the current macro forces redefine funding, exits, operating models, and the role of the US vis-a-vis India and China over the next decade. In the new world economy, who will prosper from innovation?

The panel will explore the macro outlook of the new world economy in the context of technology companies over the next decade.